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He statistically remarked.

Perhaps that’s the only way it can be made.

They move me,
but because I see them,
not because I remember them.

I dream of an erudite life in the quiet company of the ancients and the moderns,
a life in which I would renew my emotions via the emotions of others,

and ll myself with contradictory thoughts based on
the contradiction between the meditators and those who almost thought.

while all this is going on,
do their physiognomies and dress and gestures escape my notice.

What remains at the end of this day is
what remained yesterday and will remain tomorrow: the boundless
insatiable longing to be always the same and other.

In the falseness of your expression I can
see many of the illusions that I’ve had.

—Gabriel Keene, Ensaio sobre a Intuição