The People Dressed Up And Talking

the pleasure of future fame is a present pleasure—the fame is what’s future.

What I saw was the infinite complexity of things,
the vast sum,

the utter attainability of even those few facts
that would be necessary for the formation of a science.

It’s not so much natural things that arouse this powerful
awareness in my soul; it’s the layout of the streets
the signs,
the people dressed up and talking,
their jobs,
the newspapers,
the logic of it all.

In the same way,

the idea of travelling withers if I happen
to go near a platform or port of departure.

I’m astonished by my capacity for anxiety.

For someone with a keen and sensitive imagination,
the adventures of a fictional protagonist are genuine emotion enough,
and more,
since they are experienced by us as well as the protagonist.

Tired of the street? Only thinking makes me tired.

—Carlos Otto, O Palrador

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